Clan war matchmaking trophies

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If supercell wants me to drop trofies they just give me an opponent with the deck which can perfectly beat mine yesterday when I stopped I came across three opponents with all three sparkey decks. Clash royale and works, testyourmight. My match is against a lvl11 player with lvl13 min horde and his deck averages out to- This game is getting as bad as coc -- Are battles determined by level or trophies? While this experience is quite seamless, many express their dismay of Clash Royale's matchmaking issues. If you are constantly pairing against people higher level than you, you're probably over-performing.

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Howdy, Stranger!

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Matchmaking in clan wars broken aka SC is stupid

Pls change -- This is rigged!! Clan wars opponent. It looks like you're new here. Because I don't know, it's happened to all of us. All the details on how on Clash Royale's Clan Configuration, including who can and cannot join can be found here. I know some YouTubers that will disagree with me, but here is my opinion:

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clan war matchmaking trophies
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clan war matchmaking trophies
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clan war matchmaking trophies
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